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Supplier Chain Manager Service

  • Supplier source: Help you find the suitable supplier

  • Supplier qualify: Help you to do supplier qualifier procedue, such as audit, push them.

  • Define the specification: help you define PCB speficication, and request supplier provide the best PCBs.

  • Order follow up: help you follow up the EQ, and follow up the status of orders, ensure can delivery on time.

  • Quality control, we will help you to do PCB inspection and anything to push supplier continue improve quality .

  • Quaity solve: Help you to sove the quality issue.

  • One Stop Solution For PCBs

    • Support you for your design stage, help you to optmize the design, so let the cost at least.

    • Help you to do trial run.

    • Help you mass production.

  • One Stop Solution For Project

    • However complex your project, we’re here to find technical and logistical solutions to make your plans come true, because we are in ShenZhen of China.

Once the buy can finds the right seller they can do the their business in anyway they choose.